Sensei Yang

Sensei Yang

Kodokuna Yang

Sensei Yang's History

At an unknown point in time, Yang went on a quest to master all martial arts, learning Spinjitzu, Fang Kwon Do, and many others in his journey. From his accumulated knowledge, Yang invented the art of Airjitzu. However, growing old at the time he created Airjitzu, he decided to preserve his work by passing it down to his students, which he had gathered shortly after he created the martial art. He was an excellent master who even had a statue of himself built before the Temple of Airjitzu in his honor. However, his pupils were afraid of him because of his strict teachings, causing him to become worried he would not be remembered as a good master, or remembered at all.

He later discovered the forbidden Yin Blade and planned to use its dark magic to attain immortality and live forever as the greatest master of all time. After testing the Blade's magic on several trees, Yang decides performing the ritual atop his Temple only to accidentally curse the entire Temple of Airjitzu, transforming himself and his students into Ghosts to haunt the Temple for the rest of time. As master of the haunted Temple, he eventually grew mad and enslaved his students with the power of the Yin Blade, binding their wills to his power.

At some point, Yang would lose the Yin Blade, where it would be placed in a Clearstone case at the Ninjago Museum of History along with a description and portrait of him.