Scream VI (2023)

Scream VI (2023)

New York. New rules.


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Scream VI (2023)
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pretty mediocre movie the movie didnt take itself serious at all and it was to "quirky" imo also didnt feel like a horror movie since a horror movie is supposed to be unexpected while it still pretty much has the same formula as the first scream which is so boring i had some hope that they would kill the main characters and maybe the next movie could have been diffrent where a protagonist wants revenge and becomes ghost face to kill the killers of the protaganoist in scream 6 or they could have atleast made it that the police would have suspected the main character was ghostface since she was wearing the suit and that she would than be in jail only redeemable quality is some of the action and the 3 ghostface was atleast some twist also their reason to be ghostface is way better probably best motive