MacDonald Gargan


Scorpion's History

Mac Gargan was a private investigator that J. Jonah Jameson hired to keep tabs on Peter Parker and Spider-Man, to see if the two had any connection with one-another. But Peter's spider-sense alerts him to evade Gargan. Eventually J. Jonah Jameson paid Mac Gargan to undergo a procedure to gain the proportionate abilities of a scorpion in order to defeat Spider-Man. But the experiment later came to affect Mac Gargan's mind, forcing insanity. He blamed J. Jonah Jameson for his destroyed mind and tried to kill him, forcing Spider-Man to intervene. Gargan has attempted numerous times to get Spider-Man and Jameson, but Spider-Man always gets to save both thier lives. Jameson later confess to the public that he was the one who created the Scorpion when the Hobgoblin blackmailed for his secret.

Some time later after a fight with Ms. Marvel, Scorpion began to believe that his Scorpion suit was stuck to his body, and he started to see himself as a monster in his reflections. Spider-Man later proved this to be a delusion. After experiencing many defeats from Spider-Man, Mac became depressed and decided that he want to redeem himself of his past villainous act. When he met Spider-Man, also experiencing depression, he pleaded to him that he has changed his ways, but Spider-Man beat him bloody. This drove Scorpion's insanity back. Scorpion later worked with Roxxon Oil as he was told that they could help him, but he didn't know that he was getting upgrades on his costume and was promised that he can now defeat his enemies. Spider-Man later convinced him that he was being used by Roxxon as Jameson did in the past. Scorpion defeated Roxxon but was defeated by Spider-Man. He was also present in the Secret War in Latveria, where he was recruited by the dictator of Latveria.