Rey's Speeder

Reys speeder is an ungainly but powerful repulsorlift vehicle built by the young scavenger from salvaged parts. The speeder is fast and can carry considerable cargo, making it ideal for use scavenging in Jakkus Graveyard of Ships. Reys speeder is top-heavy and would be difficult for any other pilot to control but fortunately Rey is a skilled pilot as well as an ingenious mechanic.


Rey's Blaster

After their arrival on Takodana, Han Solo gives Rey a compact but deadly blaster, impressed by the Jakku scavengers resourcefulness and cool in perilous situations. Rey used the blaster, an LPA NN-14, against the soldiers of the First Order when they attacked Mazs castle

Rey's Quarterstaff

Like nearly everything she owns, Reys quarterstaff is salvage from the wreckage that litters Jakku. Self-defense is a must for a Jakku scavenger, and Rey has won respect for her skills with her staff and her willingness to use it if crossed or threatened. Thats a lesson Unkar Plutts thugs discover the hard way when the junk boss orders them to take BB-8 from Rey. Reys years of practice at hand-to-hand fighting serves her well when shes forced to use a lightsaber in combat.

Blaster Pistol