Redeemer II

Phil Timper


Redeemer II's History

The second man to receive the Angelic Fire was an ex-con named Phil Timper. Timper had found religion while in jail and had dramatic change of heart - he was therefore more apt to receive the heavenly light. Due to his past life as a convict, he still retained the brutality necessary for a candidate for the Angelic Fire. He was taken and infused as Wynn before him. During this process, the agents of the Star Chamber detected an odd reading on Earth and sent the Redeemer to investigate and collect the source of this reading. He was sent to Rat City, tracking three necroplasmic readings, emanating from Cogliostro, a bum named Bobby (whom Spawn had recently resurrected through magic), and Spawn. This Redeemer was significantly more powerful than Spawn and was easily able to defeat him before taking his true target, Bobby away to the orbiting satellite for study. Spawn attacked an angelic base on Earth which prompted the Redeemer to teleport back to Earth with Bobby and engage Spawn again. In the ensuing battle, Spawn was able to slice off one of the Redeemer's hands and escape with Bobby as the raw energy erupting from the Redeemer's wound caused a distraction. Timper has not been seen since.