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Battles created by Pure3343

Team 1 Team 2
Team Franklin Richards (Beyonders Power)Team Spectre (Backed By The Presence)5 mo 7001
Cosmic Armor Superman & Dr Manhattan (DM)God Emperor Doom & Cosmic Immortal Hulk5 mo 8001
SCP-682 (SCP)Team Cosmic Armor Superman5 mo 9001
Team Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam Cosmic Immortal Hulk5 mo 7001
One Punch Man (OPM)Team Sentry (Merged With Void)5 mo 7001
Cosmic Armor Superman & Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega)God Emperor Doom & Thanos (Astral Regulator)5 mo 9001
SpotPolka-Dot Man5 mo 10101
MultiplexMultiple Man5 mo 1000
Red Rush (Invincible)Blackout5 mo 1000
ReactronRadioactive Man5 mo 1000
SCP-999 (SCP)Doomsday5 mo 2000
MystiqueMadame Rouge (Teen Titans)5 mo 1000
Team Goku BlackTeam Iron Man3 mo 3000
Team The Immortal (Invincible)Justice League of America5 mo 4000
Team One Punch Man (OPM)Team Sentry (Stable)3 mo 3000
Team Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam Cosmic Ghost Phoenix Rider5 mo 3000
Team GokuSentry (Merged With Void)5 mo 3000
Team Goku BlackTeam Superman3 mo 1000
A.M.A.Z.O (Worlogog)Super Adaptoid5 mo 3000
BluebirdBluebird5 mo 1000