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Eugene Milton Judd

Puck's History

Born in 1914, Eugene Milton Judd was both a giant of a man and an incredible athlete. He became a mercenary seeking the Black Blade of Baghdad. Upon claiming it, he was attacked by the being known as Razor that possessed the blade. The spirit of Razor lengthened Judd's lifespan, but also caused great pain and shrunk him.
Judd continued to travel the world. It is known that he met the author Ernest Hemingway in Spain. He is also very familiar with Wolverine and the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). He met Modred the Mystic while battling the Brass Bishop. Years later, Guardian broke him out of jail and offered membership in Alpha Flight. He agreed and took the name of Puck.
Later the spirit was removed and Puck reverted to an old man. Loki took him to Tibet as part of a scheme. Puck sought out a llama hoping to get away from everything, tired of the world. Tibet itself was being overtaken by the Chinese military. the llama offered Puck a choice: to reunite with his friends or travel to all the other dimensions. He chose to save his friends and was sent to the realm of Dreamqueen.
Although the others were freed, Dreamqueen captured Puck and tortured him. She restored his youth to ensure she could torture him endlessly. Puck was reunited with the others as they returned from battling the sorceror Llan. He was placed in a hospital to recover from his injuries. He was then abducted by the Master of the World and experimented on. Sasquatch was able to undo the damage, and Puck was back in his young dimunitive form. Since then he has remained a loyal member of Alpha Flight. He has been called the 'heart and soul' of the team.