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Original characters

FusionDiana Bell
LightspeedJulian Parker
LockdownAdam Johnson
PaThanosPatrick Star/Thanos
PowerlineMiguel Nichols
RicochetWilliam Parker
Silver DeathGreen Deadpool
Super RobinDick Grayson
The ArsenalDaniel Parker
The New SupermanDaniel Martin

Favourite characters

Agent JJames Darrell Edwards III-
Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker-
ArachneJulia Carpenter6
AragornAragorn II Elessar-
Arkham KnightJason Todd-
Baby GrootGroot Dutch-
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Batman (Dark Knight)Bruce Wayne-
Batman (LEGO)Bruce Wayne11
Ben 10Benjamin Kirby Tennyson4
BiblemanMiles Peterson-
Big DaddyDamon Macready3
Billy Numerous-
Black CatFelicia Hardy6
Black Cat 2099Felicia Hardy-
Black Phantom-
Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear-
Captain America (MCU)Steve Rogers-
Captain EOMichael Jackson-
Captain Ivan DragoIvan Drago-
Captain RexCT-7565-
Captain UnderpantsBenny Krupp-
Captain Universe (Spider-Man)Peter Parker-
Captain ZoomJack Shepard-
CartmanEric Cartman-
Chuck NorrisCarlos Ray Norris6
Colonel Stars And StripesSal Bertolinni-
CreedAdonis Creed-
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
Daredevil (FOX)Matt Murdock-
Daredevil (MCU)Matthew Michael Murdock-
Darth VaderAnakin Skywalker11
Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon-
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
Deadpool (FOX)Wade Winston Wilson-
Deadpool (Ultimate)Wade Wilson-
Del SpoonerDel Spooner-
Doctor Octopus 2099Serena Patel-
Donkey Kong-
Dr. Smolder BravestoneSpencer Gilpin-
Dragon WarriorPo-
Edward KenwayEdward Kenway-
Forrest GumpForrest Gump-
FusionDiana Bell-
GambitRemy Etienne LeBeau6
Ghost Rider (SONY)Johnny Blaze-
Green GoblinNorman Osborn10
Green Goblin (SONY)Norman Osborn-
Green Lantern (2011)Hal Jordan-
GruFelonius Gru-
Han SoloHan Solo4
Harley Quinn (DCEU)Harleen Frances Quinzel-
HellboyAnung Un Rama7
Hellboy (Columbia)Anung Un Rama-
Homer SimpsonHomer Jay Simpson-
Iron Man (Model Prime) (MCU)Tony Stark-
Iron Spider (MCU)Peter Parker-
Jack SparrowJack Sparrow-
Jack-JackJack-Jack Parr3
Jimmy NeutronJimmy Neutron-
Johnny Cage-
Johnny EnglishJohnny English-
Johnny XJonathan Test-
Juggernaut (FOX)Cain Marko-
Kick-AssDave Lizewski3
Kylo RenBen Solo8
Merle DixonMerle Dixon-
MikeMichael Wazowski-
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
Ms. MarvelCarol Danvers-
New GoblinHarry Osborn-
Old Man Logan (FOX)James Logan Howlett-
Optimus PrimeOrion Pax-
PaThanosPatrick Star/Thanos-
PatrickPatrick Star-
Paul BlartPaul Blart1
Peter VenkmanPeter Venkman-
Quicksilver (Fox)Peter Maximoff-
Quicksilver (MCU)Pietro Maximoff-
Rick GrimesRichard Grimes-
RockaDaniel Rocka-
RockyRocky balboa-
RorschachWalter Joseph Kovacs6
Sabretooth (FOX)Victor Creed-
Scarlet Witch (MCU)Wanda Maximoff-
ScorpionHanzo Hasashi-
Scorpion (injustice)Hanzo Hasashi-
Silver SableSilver Sablnova-
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
Snake Eyes-
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
Spider-Man (Black)Peter Parker-
Spider-Man (Black) (SONY)Peter Benjamin Parker-
Spider-Man (MCU)Peter Parker-
Spider-Man (PS4)Peter Benjamin Parker-
Spider-Man (Raimi Trilogy)Peter Parker-
Spider-Man (SONY)Peter Benjamin Parker-
Spider-Man Noir-
Spider-Man UnlimitedPeter Parker-
Spider-WomanJessica Drew6
SpongebobSpongebob Squarepants-
StewieStewie Griffin-
StitchExperiment 626-
SullyJames P. Sullivan-
Super RobinDick Grayson-
Superman (2006)Kal-El-
Superman (Donner)Kal-El-
Superman (Smallville)Kal-El-
SurgeMark Surge-
Symbiote WolverineLogan-
The ArsenalDaniel Parker-
The CommanderSteve Stronghold-
The Human Spider (SONY)Peter Parker-
The Karate KidDaniel Larusso-
The MaskStanley Ipkiss-
The Music MeisterUnknown-
The New SupermanDaniel Martin-
The Punisher (MCU)Frank Castle-
The Wolverine (FOX)Logan-
Thor (MCU)Thor Odinson-
Weapon XIWeapon XI-
White TigerAva Ayala-
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Diana Prince-
X-23 (FOX)Laura Kinney-
Yondu (MCU)Yondu-

Favourite teams

Favourite Team-Battles

Team Hulk (MCU) -vs- Doomsday (DCEU)
Thanos (MCU) -vs- Team Iron Man (MCU)
Spider-Man (SONY) and New Goblin -vs- Venom (SONY) and Sandman (SONY)
Team The Arsenal -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Superman (DCEU) -vs- Team Iron Man (MCU)
Team Iron Man (Endosym Armor) -vs- Justice League
Team Sub-Zero -vs- Team Deadshot
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team The Wolverine (FOX)
Team Thor (MCU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Iron Man (MCU)
The Wolverine (FOX) and Sabretooth (FOX) -vs- Weapon XI
Team Spider-Man (Black) -vs- Team Venom
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Venom -vs- Team Carnage
Team Spider-Man (MCU) -vs- Team Spider-Man
Team Spider-Man -vs- Team Mysterio
Team The Wolverine (FOX) -vs- Juggernaut (FOX)
Gamora (MCU) and Harley Quinn (DCEU) -vs- Deadpool (FOX)
Team Wonder Woman (DCEU) -vs- Deadpool (FOX)
Team Doctor Strange -vs- Team Doctor Fate
Team Jonah Hex -vs- Thanos
Team Wolverine -vs- Team Sabretooth
Team Black Panther (MCU) -vs- Cyborg (DCEU) and Deadshot (DCEU)
Team Kratos -vs- Team Batman
Team Thor -vs- Team Shazam
Team Iron Man (MCU) -vs- Team Doctor Doom (FOX)
Team Iron Man (MCU) -vs- Team Green Goblin (SONY)
Team Thor (GOW) -vs- Team Baldur
Team Hulk (MCU) -vs- Doomsday (DCEU)
Team Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad -vs- Team Aragorn
Team Iron Man (Endosym Armor) -vs- Team Batman
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Batman (DCEU)
Team Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU) -vs- Team Steppenwolf (DCEU)
Team Deadpool (FOX) -vs- Team Green Lantern (2011)
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Human Torch (FOX)
Team Magneto (FOX) -vs- Team Gandalf
Team The Wolverine (FOX) -vs- Team X-24
Team Superman -vs- Team Batman
Spider-Man (Raimi Trilogy) and Spider-Man (SONY) -vs- Batman (Dark Knight) and Batman (DCEU)
Daredevil (MCU) and Daredevil (FOX) -vs- The Punisher (Hensleigh) and The Punisher (MCU)
Team Battle-Suit Batman (DCEU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team The Wolverine (FOX)
Team Superman (DCEU) -vs- Team Lex Luthor (DCEU)
Team Batman -vs- Team Ra's Al Ghul
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Winter Soldier (MCU)

Latest comments

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Voted: Team Sub-Zero

Who wins?
1+ years member.
@LordTracer To each his own.
1+ years member.
1. Dark World was good.
2. I didn't say every DCEU movie was bad. I left out Man Of Steel and Wonder Woman.
3. Every MCU movie and show except Iron Fist and Inhumans was great. Certified Fresh Tomatoes. Although Spider-Man Homecoming could've done better.
4. We've talked before, don't act all surprised.
1+ years member.
He said it was bad, and Batman V Superman and Justice League were bad.
1+ years member.
1.Thor The Dark World was good.
2.Stop acting like this is a DCEU movie.
3.The movie hasn't even come out yet, and that was only the first trailer. So shut up @TheNemianLion
1+ years member.
She's pretty but I wouldn't say she's charming. But hey, to each his own.
1+ years member.
I hope it comes out BEFORE Avengers 4. I don't want it to be like the DCEU when they had Wonder Woman after Dawn Of Justice and Aquaman after Justice League. Black Panther was different, it talked about Civil War.
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Welcome dudette! You're gonna have a good time here.
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Voted: Atreus

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Welcome bro! You're gonna have a good time here.
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