Phantom Stranger

Judas Iscariot



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Can he warp reality, he fought Spectre, who is a reality warper? Stranger needs an update, maybe
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@Galactus, Can you give him 100 speed. He kept up with Spectre, who is MFTL+, and has 100 Speed, and he should also have "reality warping".
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Go ahead, edit... make my day...
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Oh... You're so sweet. Thank you.
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Should have reality warping
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@Galactus: Why does it say under powers that Phantom Stranger is omniscient, but he does not have 100 intelligence. Wouldn't "all-knowing" be maximum intelligence?
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Quick update on his stats and powers. Couldn't find anything about his strength level or speed (without teleport), so I put that at somewhat normal values.
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he should be at least the same as spectre
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Please update the Stranger he's op
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Intelligence 100
Strength 20
Speed 65
Durability 50
Power 100
Combat 65
Please add your ustats