Demetrius Mays


Original Character

This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).


Everything about this character his mysterious... But we know his name as Demetrius most of his files and memory from the government has been deleted. But as a child he was sent to a planet called Zondo 12453 which is light years away and when came back from his testing he was very different and had many powers over time in the universe he learned how to use his powers and saved the innocent but he always had a insane side. In likes where he would go on rages killing mass amounts of life and usually disappeared into another planet. Around sometime he had some interesting feats which were the beating of Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye and many others. But he also defeated villains like Green Goblin, Abomination and Ultron plus a few more. His real Good/Bad demeanor is very hard to understand knowing that he has killed good and bad guys but always reviving them.

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