Franklin Davenport

Omnigod's powers and abilities

Existence Erasure Resistance

Franklin is a anomaly, he himself doesn't know where he came from, nor does anyone or anything.

Imagination Control

On his quest to find out where he came from he discovered he could read minds and later he discovered that he could manipulate the aspect of imaginative thinking itself. Simply put if anyone or anything has a imagination he can alter it and they don't even realize it.

He seemingly has no limits to this power, he can control creative imagination even out side of reality, space, time etc. He would eventually control the imagination of his universe's deity, resulting in charges to his own universe.

Later realizing that he was created by a creative guy on a superhero website he goes beyond the fictional and into the minds of actual reality, making changes there as well.

In actual reality Franklin has power over all fiction because he controls the imaginations of all fictional creators.


Franklin can ignore absolutely anything, powers, immunities, concepts even totality itself, allowing him to disregard everything. Without anything anchoring him, he can freely define what's possible and what's not, doing things that are not only impossible in reality but also in fiction as well, including defeating supreme beings or authors.

Total Annihilation

Because he has power over the aspect of imagination, Franklin can allow things to happen and not happen, if he were to totally not allow imagination in anyone or anything, nothing would be or be able to function.


Metaphysics Control[h]

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