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Voted: Hulk

The longer wolverine stays on field ,the angrier hulk gets wolverine does have claws but not superhuman strength or stamina to keep going on he'll eventually deplete all of his stamina while the hulk just keeps getting angrier. So hulk ofc
Voted: Rune King Thor

The Rune king makes spp1m his *****
Voted: Shazam

Power of 6 Roman God's vs a mere soldier. You've got to be kidding me
Voted: Thor

Thor bids adieu to Captain marvel after odin force
The god of thunder literally increases his powers by mere aging, so where captain marvel has her limits, Thor's just getting started. So Thor curbstomps captain marvel
Voted: Daredevil

Even if punisher had prep time he wouldn't get a single shot because daredevil doesn't just lurk around enemies waiting to get shot. He can read punishers heartbeats so he knows exactly whats going on with punisher and he'll know when he's going to trick him. So it's futile for you to win when someone already knows what you're about to do
Voted: Daredevil

Punisher is just a skilled marksman with a big arsenal which he doesn't carry everywhere he goes so only 2/3 fancy guns and a handgun is all he's equipped with. Now daredevil possesses superhuman senses making him almost untraceable for the punisher and a single KO blow would be enough. DD for the win
Voted: The Presence

Not Spectre but Lucifer or Michael can too defeat beyonder ,presence stomps him like a bug.
Voted: Shazam

Now I know Wonder woman isn't as strong as Superman but that's because she is a demigod and she isn't that weak but at the same time Shazam has the power of 6 gods and 6 is far greater than being half a god
Adding magic element to that which is actually Superman's weakness.
So yes Shazam wins untill and unless Superman took him by surprise

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