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New 52

A DC Comics verse.

Publisher DC Comics
Aliases DCnU, New 52, Earth-0, New Earth, Earth-5G
Info In this newly made universe, costumed crime fighters were a relatively new phenomenon, with Superman being the first super-powered hero to come to public knowledge. Since then, several other heroes came to the fore, with the formation of the Justice League. The success of the Justice League activities inspired the United Nations to create the government-sponsored team Justice League International.

Connections to New 52

Aquaman (New 52) Arthur Curry
Aquaman (New 52)
Artemis (New 52) Artemis Crock
Artemis (New 52)
Bane (New 52)
Bane (New 52)
Batgirl (New 52) Barbara Gordon
Batgirl (New 52)
Batman (New 52) Bruce Wayne
Batman (New 52)
Black Adam (New 52) Teth-Adam
Black Adam (New 52)
Black Canary (New 52) Dinah Drake Lance
Black Canary (New 52)
Brainiac (New 52) Vril Dox
Catwoman (New 52) Selina Kyle
Catwoman (New 52)
Clayface (New 52) Basil Karlo
Cyborg (New 52) Victor Stone
Darkseid (New 52) Uxas
Darkseid (New 52)
Deadshot (New 52) Floyd Lawton
Deadshot (New 52)
Deathstroke (New 52) Slade Wilson
Deathstroke (New 52)
Doomsday (New 52) Doomsday
Doomsday (New 52)
Flash (New 52) Barry Allen
Flash (New 52)
Flash (New 52) Wally West
Flash (New 52)
Green Arrow (New 52) Oliver Queen
Green Arrow (New 52)
Green Lantern (New 52) Hal Jordan
Green Lantern (New 52)
Harley Quinn (New 52) Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn (New 52)
Joker (New 52)
Killer Moth (New 52) Drury Walker
Lex Luthor (New 52) Alexander Luthor
Lex Luthor (New 52)
Lobo (New 52) (Unpronounceable)
Martian Manhunter (New 52) J'onn J'onzz
Martian Manhunter (New 52)
Mera (New 52) Mera
Mera (New 52)
Mister Freeze (New 52) Victor Fries
Mister Freeze (New 52)
Nightwing (New 52) Dick Grayson
Nightwing (New 52)
Poison Ivy (New 52) Pamela Isley
Poison Ivy (New 52)
Power Girl (New 52) Kara Zor-L
Power Girl (New 52)
Red Hood (New 52) Jason Todd
Red Hood (New 52)
Red Robin (New 52) Tim Drake
Reverse Flash (New 52) Daniel West
Reverse Flash (New 52)
Richard Dragon (New 52) Ricardo Diaz
Richard Dragon (New 52)
Robin (New 52) Dick Grayson
Robin V (New 52) Damian Wayne
Robin V (New 52)
Scarecrow (New 52) Jonathan Crane
Shazam (New 52) Billy Batson
Shazam (New 52)
Superboy (New 52) Kon-El
Supergirl (New 52) Kara Zor-El
Supergirl (New 52)
Superman (New 52) Kal-El
Superman (New 52)
Swamp Thing (New 52) Alec Holland
Swamp Thing (New 52)
The Wizard (New 52) Mamaragan
The Wizard (New 52)
Wonder Woman (New 52) Diana Prince
Wonder Woman (New 52)
Zoom (New 52) Eobard Thawne
Zoom (New 52)
Zoom (New 52) Hunter Zolomon