Nanotech Creature

Nanotech Creature

Godzilla: The Series

Nanotech Creature's powers and abilities

Nanotech Swarm - The Nanotech Creature is composed of innumerable petroleum eating microbes. Using this property, the creature is capable of rearranging its body into possibly unlimited forms. The total mass of the creature can continue to grow as long as there is a supply of petroleum. Parts that are lost from the greater mass can continue to operate independently and potentially create another copy of the main mass.

Adaptation - The Nanotech Creature is shown throughout its episode adapting to new environments and challenges, such as reconfiguring itself to be amphibious after previously showing an aversion to water. During its fight with Godzilla, it goes through numerous tactics to kill the beast, such as smothering and crushing.

Durability - Almost all conventional attacks are shown to deal little if any damage, including Godzilla's atomic fire.

Nanotech Creature's weaknesses

Electrical Shock - The only conventional attack to show any sign of "harming" the mass were directed electrical shocks, although these injuries primarily created new, smaller independent masses rather than outright destroying the microbes.

Compute Virus - Should the main nanodrivers in the mass be destroyed or sabotaged, the entire mass will cease to function.