My rating of Red Dead Redemption 2

Created by ultron, 1 y 1 mo 10 d ago.

my rating of rdr2

This game is just a masterpiece it's so good for me it didn't feel like a game but more like an interactive movie of some sorts I have 300 hours in my first playthrough and when I finished the game I couldn't help but cry from the inside as I knew I would never experience this masterpiece again

Story: 10
I loved the story especially from chapter 3-6 as it's at that time the story gets dark It was also always a surprise when a character died imo the epilogue has one of the best stories in any game

Graphics: 10+
I remember when I first saw rdr2 gameplay I was scared to play it bc it looked to realistic almost like it wasn't a game but a movie the graphics are not the best I have ever seen but they are surely great

Lighting: 11
The lighting is just too good every time I ride my horse through the dessert or the forest every step seems to be screenshot worthy bc of the amazing lighting

Details: 10
The details are insane from being able to see npc's eat full meals from killing vampires if u bring them to the church the details are just my favourite and I don't think any other game will ever have more/better details only possibly rdr3 and gta6

Gameplay: 7.5
The gameplay is good but not great controls can feel clunky at times and the gameplay can be repetitive with for example the legendary animals

Weapons/combat: 8
The weapons all have there own feel to it which is somthing I really like u got revolvers, shotguns, snipers, galting guns and even explosive arrows only thing is that I think there aren't enough weapons in the game and all the melee weapons are boring

Voice acting: 9
The voice acting was amazing it felt so real like I actually was so invested into the game thanks to the voice acting

Emotional impact: 8
I almost cried when Arthur's horse died somthing I never did in a game before I also nearly cried when the game ended as I knew I would never experience it from the start again

Overall: 9.3/10


Galactus 1 y 1 mo 8 d
My rating of Red Dead Redemption 2
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The slow walking in 'settlements' was always killing me. Hated that.
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ultron 1 y 1 mo 7 d
My rating of Red Dead Redemption 2
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yeah its really boring especially in a second playthrough
yes 1 y 1 mo 10 d
My rating of Red Dead Redemption 2
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10/10 game