A 'Stamina' stat and a 'Prowess/Skill' stat

Created by sonyablade, 8 mo 22 d ago.

So i was thinking and a Stamina stat could be very useful in power scaling. Like some characters for example the base versions of Ben 10 have a limited time in which they are able to use their powers, and others like Narutoverse characters that rely solely on Sage Mode will only be able to fight for about 5-10 minutes before their power runs out.

On the other hand, characters like Superman, Thor, Wonder woman, etc have an almost unlimited stamina and can fight normal battles for indefinite periods. If the STamina stat is implemented, this is how i'd suggest the scaling to be.

Infinity: Inexhaustable stamina
100: Can go all out for prolonged periods (more than a day) but power will diminish gradually
90-99: Can go all out for less than 24 hours but more than 12 hours without rest
75-89: Can go all out for a maximum of 12 hours
65-74: Can go all out for a maximum of 4 hours
50-64: Can go all out for a maximum of one hour
40-49- Can go all out for a maximum of 30 mins
30-39: Can go all out for a maximum of 10 mins
20-29: Can go all out for a maximum of 5 mins
10-19: Can go all out for a maximum of 1 min
0-9: Passes out almost immediately after using their ability, ie power bursts that fully expend the character's power

Thats it for the Stamina stat.

Then for prowess, though I'm a little shaky on this one, coz it seems a little like Intelligence if the Intelligence stat is relativistic to the skill with which the characters use their abilities and not to their actual smarts. Like if you compare Supergirl, Superman, and Superboy, it appears that Superboy (Jon Kent) is all in all more powerful than Superman, but Superman has more experience and is more capable of using his powers in more complex ways than Superboy.
Additionally, we could also consider Franklin Richards. Like, its no mystery that he is super f*ing powerful, and he's not dumb too, but I could defeat him in a fight (though obviously if we are not talking about the trained hero version).
Another example would be Dr. Manhattan who is a master at using his powers, then Clark Dreiberg who has all of Dr. Manhattan's power but would definitely stand no chance of winning against him.
Let's also look at Deku in comparison to the OFA veteran, All Might. Deku is shown to be undeniably smart in My Hero Academia, and when All Might transfers One For All to him, he gets the full package. He even had to prepare his body for it. However, if you compare Deku to All Might (prior to him mastering multiple quirks) there's no way Deku could defeat All Might in a battle.
You could also compare the Phoenix force users who aren't Jean Grey (and don't already have some high tier power of their own) to Jeane who would in most cases beat them in a fight.
Though the best example i can think of is Hulk. Intellectually, he is superiorly dumb. But when it comes to his use of the whole Gamma Mutate physiology he is probably unrivaled. The second best example I can think of is Iris West. She isn't a dumb human, but when she gets the Speed Force, she has as much access to it as any other Speed force user, but her prowess using it is probably close to like, 2, on a scale of 1 to 10.


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