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Blue Marvel>Sentry. Blue Marvel has defeated King Hyperion who has obliterated all Sentries from worlds he has conquered. Also Blue Marvel fought Sentry but Sentry had Ms.Marvel, Cyclops, Iron Man and Reed Richards to help him. Sentry was at 100% POWER WITH the help of Ms.Marvel and his other mates but STILL nearly lost. One of them(I think it was Reed) who said that "you were lucky to have us or else you would've lost"(said something similar). Therefore Blue Marvel>Sentry.
1. Doctor Fate,Doctor Strange , Silver Surfer
2. Green Lantern , Thor
3. Captain Atom
4. Wasp , Scarlet Witch
5.Hulk , Superman
6. Wonder Woman
7. Shazam
8. Martian Manunter
9. Flash , Hawkman , Aquaman
10.Sentry , Nova , Supergirl
How is Martian Manhunter below Shazam? And Scarlet Witch below Thor, who she already has stomped? 😁
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She BFR'd him, I wouldn't call that a stomp
She kind of did stomped him, that BFR was casual
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She casually BFR'd him, she didn't casually stomp him.
Stomp doesn't have to be a regular defeat.
Sorry @Sorato but I'll never admit Scarlet is higher than Thor .
Thor (as @Spidey says) Is infinitely strong . Many times faster than Light and is super durable .
And Martian Manhunter and shazam could switch . But imo Shaza m is more powerful due to his God hood
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Dude MM is more powerful than Superman...
I'm sorry, but her Chaos Magic outclasses Odin Force easily. He isn't more powerful, and isn't infinently strong. If he was, he would be omnipotent, which he is not.
Yeah, MM is stronger than Superman
Shaza m is also more powerful than superman on occasions just like MMH. But not all the time.
Shaza m helped Supes Lift the book of infinit e pages
MMH moved 1/3 of earth
Shaza m has infinite speed and rivals the flash
Dnt have no fear for MMh speed
Durability is the same
Intelligence has to go to MMH.
Power is around the same.
Do you have proOf that Witch is stronger than Thor .
Then knockout doesn't count since that was once
Why doesn't it count? It was once, and she can do it again ( She stopped Mjolnir from flying once, meaning that she can stop it again, and then hit Thor with her magic ) ( She defeated Dark Phoenix, a being that already defeated Thor )
Wally West ran infinitely f ast but he can never do it again
Barry killed the Anti-Monitor and ran to the Marvel universe but he can't do that again
Ultraman lifted the Book of Infinite Pages but never can do it again
Batman defeated the Justice league but he can not do it again
Therefore Scarlet Witch cannot defeat Thor again or Dark Phoenix
She can, why not? She is more powerful, smarter and harnesses her powers better. She already defeated him and can do it again, same thing goes for Dark Phoenix. She already defeated it, and can do it again.
Famous @SirSpidey Quote
Prove it
You mean to prove Dark Phoenix getting beat up by Wanda? Or Thor getting beat up by Wanda?
Prove that she could do it again .
Here's a scan where Wanda defeats Chaos, a being more powerful than Chaos King and Eternity
As already stated, Chaos King is vastly more powerful than Thor, and Wanda defeated someone more powerful than Chaos King. ( SW > Chaos >>>> Thor )
Btw, this happened after Wanda BFRed Thor in Uncanny Avengers, so there's your proof
One. That was three people who were defeating h im.
Two. It doesn't sho her aactually defeating him.
So this isn't a valid answer . And I doubt that was 616 Wanda which is the Wanda I'm talking about bro
@Lord Can I just have the pic where Wasp one shots Thor that sounds interesting.
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Are you saying that Wasp beats Thor? If so we can so a simple logic check where anyone that can defeat Wasp can either beat or stalemate Thor correct?
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In a fight with no prep and base forms only, Thor wins. With prep, or they can transform out of their base forms, Wasp wins.
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1. Hal Jordan, Doctor Fate
2. Doctor Strange
3. Captain Atom
4. Thor
5. Supergirl
6. Superman
7. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkwoman
8. Wasp
9. Scarlet Witch
10. Sentry
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That's hilarious, hawkman? Wasp? The heck?
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Hawkman is equal to Aquaman. Wasp has harmed Thor and Death Seed Sentry.
Okay, no. Scarlet Witch is more powerful than Wasp, WW, Thor, SM, SG, Aquaman etc
You forgot Phantom Stranger, the one who would one-shot evereybody on this list
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Considering that HoM Wanda is universal+, and Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman, Wasp etc. are multi-universal, no, she's not above them. Phantom Stranger isn't a superhero, he's an abstract.
Dear God, Wanda is way past universal+, and Chaos Magic literally trumps everyone on that list. Stranger is a part of Justice League, so he should be a superhero
how is wasp multi-universal i could step on wasp
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Except she has done nothing that puts her above it. Stranger was part of the league once, most of the time he's on his own.
@blak_eeee She one-shot Thor and vaporized most of Death Seed Sentry's face. Thor has multi-universal durability, and DSS has much higher than that.
call me blake and also geez she one shot thor wow that's actually really impressive
She has done something that puts her on high multiversal, saying Wanda is universal+, is like saying Living Tribunal is multiversal+. I still count him
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No, she hasn't. Wanda has never destroyed 1001 or infinite 4th-dimensional space-time continuums. Until she does that, she's not high multiversal.
She's then multiversal+, at peak of her powers. Also, you listed Hal Jordan as the most powerful hero, which he is not. Also, Wasp being above Wanda is ridicolous
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That's higher than high multiversal. Hal is the strongest. He's equal or slightly superior to Doctor Fate, who is definitely the strongest here. And Wasp has better feats of actual attack potency than Wanda.
Doctor Fate would definently defeat Hal Jordan, I don't see him winning. Magic > Power ring. You put Wasp that high because you like her, isn't it? And HoM Wanda is stronger than Doctor Fate, even classical. Btw, multiversal+ < high multiversal, so that's one level below.
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Being able to defeat someone doesn't mean you're more powerful than them. Wasp has better feats than Wanda. She actually does damage, as opposed to simply affecting them. No, high multiversal < multiversal+, since high universal < universal+.
But still it doesn't put Wasp above Wanda, and doesn't put Wanda below Thor, let alone Captain Atom. Do you her feats? Wanda's I mean? House of M isn't her only great feat, and even if it was she would still be in top 5
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Yes, it does. Power is based in destruction, not affecting. Wanda has better range than she has destructive power. What feats does she have that are better than Wasp, Thor or Captain Atom?
Umm, what feats? Okay, here they are
- Effortlessly defeated Roma and Meggan
- Defeated Dark Phoenix without much effort
- Stomped Arcanna
- Resurrected Wonder Man
- Defeated an entity more powerful than Amatsu-Mikaboshi (idc if it's PIS)
- If I include House of M, then she'd stomp them without any effort
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- Still don't know how powerful they are, all you said is that they're "guardians of the omniverse."
- Scans? If it's her wishing it away at the end of AvX, that's not destructive capability, which makes it invalid.
- Who?
- Resurrection isn't destructive capability. Invalid.
- PIS, so invalid.
- They are Guardians, simple
- ( How is wishing away not destructive? She chased the freakin' Phoenix away, ffs)
- Powerful magic user
- Bringing someone from another plane of existence is
- PIS or not, she defeated Chaos
1+ years member.
- Okay, that still doesn't mean anything.
- Chasing something away isn't destroying it. Also, she needed the help of Hope, a vastly stronger mutant.
- Yes, because that lets me know how relevant this feat is.
- No, it's not.
- Except it's invalid.
Hope stronger than Wanda?! No.
It isn't invalid. She did it and she proved to be that powerful.
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Hope is the Mutant Messiah, has the powers of nearly all of the X-Men, including Wanda. She's far stronger.
It's PIS, so it's invalid.
Apsolutely not. First, Wanda isn't a mutant, second Wanda is a reality warper, Hope is not.
Also, I asked for the MOST POWERFUL superheroes, and Wanda is arguably one of the most powerful
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She was a mutant before Marvel were idiots and retconned it. And Hope has the powers of Wanda. I'm not saying Wanda isn't powerful. She's just not as powerful as the other people I listed.
I know, Marvel were idiots because of that. However, she is still vastly more powerful than most of people you listed above her. She's a high tier, Chaos Magic-wielding, time-manipulating reality warper. How does any one from that list stand a chance against her in terms of raw power?
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She doesn't stack up in destructive capability, which is the measure of power.
Destructive capability is only one of many factors that concern the concept of raw power.
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Nope, raw power is just destructive capability.
Not only.
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What else ties into raw power then?
Strength, intelligence etc. Also, when has Mxyzptlk did anything to be high multiversal? Except for the statement that he's fifth-dimensional. When has Hal? Spectre? And others
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Physical strength is either lifting strength, or destructive capability. Intelligence doesn't tie into raw power, it ties into how you use your power. Mxy's fifth dimensional. That's why he's multiversal+. Spectre scales to Anti-Monitor, who was destroying the infinite multiverse. Which makes him high multiversal. Hal is multi-universal since he's beaten multi-universal people such as Superman several times.
By that pattern, Wanda has defeated Thor, which puts her at multi-universal scale, and has indirectly defeated MJJ which puts her at high multiversal scale
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Not how scaling works. You have to fight evenly, or totally stomp someone via raw power, no hax like time manip or reality warping, to scale with them.
That makes no sense. Reality warping is the ultimate raw power, time manipulation as well
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No, they're hax.
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Just comics?
1. Spectre
2. Orion
3. Doctor Fate
4. Scarlet Witch
5. Doctor Strange
6. Captain Atom
7. Thor
8. Superman
9. Wonder Woman
10. Hulk
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This is at their peak.
I know you like Orion, but how is he above Scarlet Witch and Doctor Fate? By that matter, how is Fate above Scarlet Witch?
Also, Phantom Stranger is equal to Spectre and is a superhero, he should be included
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Orion at his peak is using the Astro Force to its full potential, which makes him equal to Darkseid, possibly more powerful. Fate, Nabu anyways, has been shown to contend with the Spectre, since regular Fate draws from the same power source, it makes sense for him to be comparable to Spectre (much weaker still)
I always thought of Phantom Stranger as a neutral character, I mean he literally can't interfere with, basically, anything.
Okay then, but Phantom Stranger can inferfere whenever he wants, and is kind of neutral, but still a hero
Unbound Spectre is definetly at the top, however when Fate is True fate (Man+Woman+God) he is above Orion and even The Phantom Stranger, even at normal power I'd say he is still above Orion in terms of power. However in peak forms you would have to include Cosmic Armour Superman who literally has Plot Manipulation as one of his abilities and can't be harmed by Kryptonite or Red Sun radiation both of which still work on Superman one million Prime.
World Breaker Hulk wouldn't be on the list.
People who could make the list:
- Cosmic Spider-man
- Sky-Father Hercules
- Silver Surfer
- Phoenix
- Odin
- Godzilla (Beat the Avengers, X-men, F4 all at once in a Marvel crossover)
- Franklin Richards
- Sentry
- Human Race Wally West
- Guardians of the Universe
Shame it is superheroes since there are too many ridicuously OP villains
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Cosmic Armor Superman isn't actually Superman, it's a robot. Oh and I agree with some of your suggestions, especially Franklin Richards, I was just listing them off the top of my head.
#1 - Spectre
#2 - Phantom Stranger
#3 - Scarlet Witch (House of M)
#4 - Doctor Fate (Classic)
#5 - Doctor Strange (Classic)

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