Most Powerful Magic Users In Marvel/dc


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Also, I think you should add Circe and Loki.
Could they compare though? Is Loki more powerful than Zatanna?
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Oh, well if you're only doing top 10, then never mind.
It's not a top 10, there can be more, I'll add the two as bonus ones
@LordTracer Thoughts?
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Stranger and Spectre should share the #2 spot, Mxy should be above them at #1, Dormammu and Umar should share the #3 spot.
This was actually at their peaks, and even though Mxy could potentially beat in-character Spectre, I still put him below Stranger and Spectre. As for Dormammu and Umar, they're like the same, only Umar is a bit weaker, I'll put her above. Scarlet Witch could beat them both though, at her peak
These are just well-known magic users, there are a lot more, possibly more powerful than these. Have I missed any?