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Battles created by MoNsTeR

Team 1 Team 2
Dracula (Castlevania)Alucard (Post-Schrodinger) (Hellsing)10 mo 68311332
DIO (JJBA)Alucard (Pre-Schrodinger) (Hellsing)2 y 6266822
Nyx (House Of Ideas)Lucifer Morningstar2 y 7312720
Team God Emperor DoomLucifer Morningstar2 mo 7710618
The One-Above-AllOne Slap Man10 mo 6619618
Team ThanosTeam Darkseid5 mo 453514
KnullTrigon2 y 436514
Thanos (Post-Infinity Siblings)Trigon2 y 411513
The Black WinterChaos King11 mo 558413
One Slap ManOne Punch Man (OPM)10 mo 7331312
Team PerpetuaTeam Eclipso (Heart of Darkness)9 mo 256512
Mister MxyzptlkDoctor Strange (Classic) & Doctor Fate2 y 281512
Superman & Silver SurferBlack Adam & Ares10 mo 192410
Team The BallTeam Almighty Creator5 mo 291339
Team The PresenceTeam The One-Above-All6 d 36339
Scarlet Witch (True Darkhold)Rune King Thor7 mo 452028
Team The Living TribunalTeam Spectre Oversoul6 mo 481428
Superman & The FlashFlashulk (Earth-9602)6 mo 9137
Team Doctor FateThe Spectre6 mo 10237
DeadpoolJohnny Cage (MK)11 mo 17037