Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards

Extended Marvel Cinematic Universe (2000-2019 Movies)

Mister Fantastic's powers and abilities

Reed has been shown to able to expanding any part of his anatomy at least 1000 feet. He is able to stretch, deform, expand, compress, flatten and inflate the structure part of his body. This has granted him enhanced mobility by shape-shifting his body via stretching or springing his body. He is capable of shape-shifting himself into anything. This makes it impossible to restrain him as he can easily slip out of seemingly form of any restraints.



Intelligence180 IQ
Strength500 kg • 1,102 lb
Speed20 m/s

Super Powers

DurabilityIntelligenceElasticityMaster TacticianReflexesInvulnerabilityPower AbsorptionPower Bestowal