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Misako's weapons

No equipment information available.

Misako's equipment


The Katana (also known as the Ninjago Sword) is a common Ninja weapon included in numurous LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu sets. It appears as a black sword with a leather wrapped hilt, a very small, flat guard, and a long, thin blade with a slight curve away from the cutting edge.It is described as a very simple weapon that can be relied upon in combat. There are also gold and silver versions with greater power. The katana is mainly wielded by the Ninja, but it can be wielded also by Warriors and Soldiers in the Stone Army who also display a preference for it, as well as Mr. E. Early in Ninjago's run, the katana mold was upgraded, making the blade slightly shorter and straighter. The plastic is also slightly sturdier and shinier than before. They also appear in the show in normal and gold versions. Kai, Lloyd and Nya initially specialized in using Katanas. To date, only Kai still uses two of them as his signature weapons. They have come in gold, silver, black, spring green, light blue, and red varieties as of September 2019.
No equipment or weapons connected to Misako