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Vertigo Universe

Metatron's History

Metatron, like most of his siblings, harbors a hateful rivalry with his brother Lucifer Morningstar, even going so far as to try and accuse him of their Father's death, and sending Gabriel Hornblower to kill him in the void. Gabriel failed to do so this first time, and in reality Metatron knew that the murder of god was Gabriel's doing. As a result of his standing by his lie, he sent Gabriel to kill Lucifer a second time, in Lucifer's piano bar. Once Gabriel found out that Metatron had wiped his memory of killing The Presence, he decided to dedicate himself to the service of Mazikeen in Hell as a Fallen Angel. Eventually, Metatron's firm way of governing heaven would get the best of him when his closest sibling Raphael killed him and fled to Lucifer's creation.