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Latest comments

Voted: Proto-Goblin

Buffy has no way to deal with him at all, if I'm being honest. Someone who fights Spiderman is way above her league.
Voted: Spectrum

Can Ki Blasts even harm Spectrum? Shouldn't she be able to absorb anything Goku throws at her?
Voted: The Hulk (Earth 7642)

Hahahhahaha. Sorry, Batman.
Voted: Erza Scarlet

I mean sure, Blink can avoid Erza for a long time but she doesn't really have the damage necessary to beat her. She will definitely lose this one.
Voted: Flash IV

Yeah, I don't see MCU Thanos dealing with any comic speedster, unfortunately. Especially without the gauntlet.
Voted: Jean Grey

Damn, Jean Grey has to telepathically toy with multiple people. She still wins.
Voted: Professor Zoom

Hahahahahah, Sasuke is even rated higher than him. Professor Zoom toys with Sasuke across time before punching him in a different universe.
Voted: T-X

Even with her intangibility, I don't see a way for Shadowcat to win this. T-X is just a lot stronger and is gonna toy with her, before blowing her brains out.
Voted: Dr Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan snaps his fingers and Ryu is erased from Earth.
Voted: Cyclops

Is there actually any way for Spider-Ham to withstand the Optic Blasts? I feel like there isn't. Cyclops wins easily.

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