Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

Back for seconds.

Status Released
SHDb Rating 5.5 / 10
18 ratings
Universe Megverse - The Meg Movie Universe
Runtime 116 min.
Story An exploratory dive into the deepest depths of the ocean of a daring research team spirals into chaos when a malevolent mining operation threatens their mission and forces them into a high-stakes battle for survival.
CastJason Statham as Jonas Taylor, Wu Jing as Jiuming, Shuya Sophia Cai as Meiying, Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Mencheta, Skyler Samuels as , Cliff Curtis as James 'Mac' Mackreides, Page Kennedy as DJ

Characters in Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

The Meg
The Meg