Max Payne (2008)

Max Payne (2008)

When a man has lost everything, he only has revenge.

Status Released
SHDb Rating 6.9 / 10
3 ratings
Universe MP08M - Max Payne (2008- Movie)
Runtime 100 min.
Story A DEA agent whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy, and an assassin out to avenge her sister's death, join forces to solve a series of murders in New York City.
CastMark Wahlberg as Max Payne, Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, Beau Bridges as BB Hensley, Ludacris as Jim Bravura, Chris O'Donnell as Jason Colvin, Donal Logue as Alex Balder, Amaury Nolasco as Jack Lupino

Characters in Max Payne (2008)

Max Payne
Max Payne