Marvel's take on an Injustice game.

Created by Galactus, 3 y 9 mo 29 d ago.

What if Marvel were to make an Injustice like game. Which characters would you like to see in it?


Tyrannus 3 y 9 mo 25 d
Marvel's take on an Injustice game.
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The Injustice series was one of the best stories in DC so I'm excited at what the story will be for Marvel. But they can't call it Injustice too. I wonder what the name will be
DarkProdigy 3 y 9 mo 25 d
Marvel's take on an Injustice game.
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I think we will see this, EdBoon has hinted in an interview he is working with Marvel on a fighting game before
Galactus 3 y 9 mo 27 d
Marvel's take on an Injustice game.
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I gave this some thought. Also from a marketing perspective.

My top picks for the heroes are as follows:
- Spider-Man (alt: Miles)
- Iron Man (alt: War Machine)
- Hulk (alt: She-Hulk)
- Thor
- Captain America (alt: Bucky)
- Doctor Strange
- X-23 (alt: Wolverine)
- Black Widow (alt: Elektra, maybe)
- Captain Marvel
- Invisible Woman
- Mister Fantastic (alt: Ms Marvel)
- Human Torch (alt: Sunspot)

- Thanos
- Galactus
- Doctor Doom
- Loki
- Magneto
- Doctor Octopus
- Ultron
- Black Cat
- Venom (alt: Carnage)
- Mystique
- Sandman
- Mandarin (alt: Mysterio)

Guests (DLC)
- He-Man
- Skeletor
- Luke Skywalker
- Darth Vader