Marion Wheeler

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Marion Wheeler's powers and abilities

Marion Wheeler was originally a normal human, but thanks to her training in dealing with antimemetic anomalies and the usage of mnestics, she was able to protect her mind from the harmful effects of these anomalies. She was also capable of using weapons such as firearms against more physical threats. After taking an overdose of Class-Z mnestics she became unable to forget anything which also included the smallest things which the brain would naturally disregard, causing severe brain damage to her that would have left her becoming brain dead.

Following her death, thanks to people who had experience with mnestics remembering her, Marion became an informational entity inhabiting the human collective consciousness exactly like SCP-2111 and MTF Omega-0. After Marion was amplified by Hughes' machine she became a countermeme powerful enough to completely destroy SCP-3125 without much effort. As she destroyed the entity she also began ascending through different layers of reality inside the noosphere.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers