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Added "vitakinesis"
22 days ago
Mad Jim Jaspers
Please I know it's not really omnipotence but if Franklin has omnipotent then so should he, and also omnipresent
28 days ago
Mad Jim Jaspers
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Shouldn't he has the same powers as Mxyzptlk?
He pretty much has the same powers.
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Ok then I don't know anything about him, I'm just know that he is powerful reality warper like that's why I'm asking.
Okay, he is somewhat comparable to Mxy, but by statements, MJJ should be above Mxy, but by feats, he's below.
@Galactus If it's not too much to ask, can I update him ( Mad Jim Jaspers )? I've gathered his abilities recently, so I thought why not make something out of it?
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Thank you very much!
Why is he so freaking low?
He should be around 105
I was suprised as well, I added powers that I could find. Tell me if I have missed any, please
I think his class should be a little higher, maybe right below Mxy
He now has 53 points, which is exactly one point below Mxyzptlk.
Actually it's 54, lol
Now they're equal, it's perfect, good job Sora
Thanks! It's perfectly balanced. 😁
"As all things should be"
I brought the balance. Thank me later.
Omnipotent and omnipresent (yeah I know your definition of omnipotent is different but if Franklin is omnipotent so is he
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He is neither omnipotent, nor omnipresent.
He's nigh-omnipotent, I think @Galactus will add that power, but I don't recall him being omnipresent, but I'm maybe wrong
It depends on your definition of omnipotence, according to this site's definition yes he is omnipotent. And I remember reading a comic where he becomes omnipresent by will so yeah it also depends of you count that or not
But, I didn't give Wanda omnipotence, so, it wouldn't be fair to give it to MJJ. Do you know in which comic book does it state taht he is omnipresent?
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"My definition" of omnipotence is the actual definition, which means all-powerful. In the Marvel omniverse, there is only one all-powerful being, The One-Above-All.

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