Grand Theft Auto

Lucia's History

Lucia is s one of the Female protagonists in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. Lucia is described as a female criminal doing time in prison in the state of Leonida for an unknown crime at the start of GTA VI Trailer. In the first trailer revealed in December 2023, Lucia is seen as a prison inmate at one point, suggesting she has a criminal past. Reports prior to the official announcement indicated Lucia would be part of a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo with a male partner unnamed , as seen in some of the leaked gameplay footage from 2022. further on her gender and being imprisoned, her specific background, motivations and personality traits have not been revealed by Rockstar Games yet. The game is still in development and further story on character details will likely be unveiled closer to its planned 2025 release.


In the official announcement teaser artwork, the vehicle used by Lucia and her partner is shown with visible bullet holes, mimicking the death car of Bonnie and Clyde after their demise at the hands of law enforcement. This serves as a clear nod and reference to the inspiration for their criminal duo taken from the famed outlaws.Lucia's depiction as a Latina female criminal with a documented criminal past in Vice City from her time in the 2D universe canon is reminiscent of protagonist Katie from the original Grand Theft Auto, the first female lead in the 3D era of the series. Her character archetype of an armed and competent female partner-in-crime to the male protagonist bears similarities to Sadie Adler's role in Red Dead Redemption 2, another of Rockstar's acclaimed open-world titles. While Vice City saw its HD remake introduce the landmark first voiced male character Tommy Vercetti, Lucia carries the distinction of being Vice City's first fully-voiced female protagonist in the HD era of 3D graphics.

Along with several other earlier female characters, Lucia is among a small group comprising less than 10% of all protagonists across the 3D and HD entries to be playable women, as well as one of the few to have voice acting and dialogue.