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Voted: Harry Potter

Of if was book versions, Percy wins but it is movie versions and Harry stomps.
Voted: Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger stomps.
Voted: Percy Jackson

Who wins?
Voted: Team Thor (MCU)

I don't think kal or diana stand a chance of they try to solo.
Voted: Thor (MCU)

And add hulk, iron man, Odin, loki, heimdall, grandmaster, and celestial power star lord.
Voted: Thor (MCU)

I don't think she can obliterate thanos, sutur, hela, ego, thor, scarlet witch, and dr strange
Voted: Team Thor (MCU)

I just want to know how you think they solo.
Needs Stats.
Intelligence: 70
Strength: 35
Durability: 80
Combat: 90
Intelligence: 90
Strength: 75
Speed: 70
Durability: 100
Power: 100
Combat: 100
Darth Vader

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