Daniel Howe


Lionman's weapons

Lionman's sword

Lionman is equipped with a Tonormium Sword, Proto Rednormium crystal, which makes the sword twice as heavy and as sharp as before, Rednormium gems are the power source of an extremely advanced race, although these gems are fatal to specific races with common genetic makeup, so they were reverse engineered to create something that benefits other alloys, although Daniel's fingerprints allow it to lose it's weight in his hands but still strike at the same force.

Lionman's crystal in said sword can project energy beams, energy shields and can raise the tempreture of the sword to 500 degrees Celsius.

Axe of Nemea

After defeating the Nemean Lion in ancient Greece, Lionman was gifted the Axe Of Nemea by Zeus, a weapon made by Hephaestus, this weapon was given to Lionman to use in dire times of battling deities and cosmic level threats, he can summon this axe as well as project godly lightning out of it, it has the power to destroy entire Solar Systems with a swing.

Sword Of Agregus

They don't make this anymore, the Sword Of Agregus is a sword strong enough to destroy Multiversal Hell Lords, it's power was created by Agregus, an ancient God forgotten by time, older even than Uranus, Agregus was a great God but perhaps too great as he was too heroic, all the fights for good broke him down, to a point where it hurt him to stand, he was then mercilessly murdered by Moltouros, this sword can boost the wielder to universal levels, cut through space and time, control space and time and low scale reality warp

Lionman's equipment

Tonormium Armour

Tonormium is an alloy originally created by the Foedusymus Gods, the parents of the Greek, Egyptian and Nordic Gods, Lionman possesses a Tonormium plated armour, Tornormium a fictional metal in my universe so he absorbs energy, such as sound, light and heat, and force, which means the armor absorbs damage, it is also is twenty times as dense as Titanium allowing it to have incredible levels of durability.

Quantum Computer

Lionman possesses some of Pinnacle City's highest level tech, that being a quantum computer, which allows beings to travel universes, dimensions and even realities.

Anti Gravity Disks

Inside of Lionman's gauntlets lie gravity manipulative disks.

Flash Light

Lionman possesses a flashlight inside of his armour, just in case he's with allies that don't have vision abilities and can't see in dark places.

Cloaking Device

Another gadget inside of the Lionman's arsenal is a cloaking device, designed to render Lionman completely invisible.

No equipment or weapons connected to Lionman