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Battles created by Lapis_Lazuli

Team 1 Team 2
Zatanna (Chaos Lord)Scarlet Witch (Life Force)2 y 5617311
Shuma GorathChthon2 y 33927
Thor & HulkSuperman & Scarlet Witch2 y 151025
Rune King ThorAbraxas2 y 17125
Lapis Lazuli (Stevenverse)Mera2 y 20514
Empty Hand (Earth-7)The Destroyer Of Reality2 y 10213
RavenCyttorak2 y 13013
HecateChthon2 y 17313
Rune King ThorZatanna (Chaos Lord)2 y 29402
Spectre OversoulTeam Thor2 y 20202
CirceThor2 y 4112
Ancient OneAgatha Harkness2 y 20102
Rune King ThorDestruction Of The Endless2 y 21302
Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163)Zatanna (Chaos Lord)2 y 27402
Marquis Of Death (Earth-807128)Multi-Eternity (7th Cosmos)2 y 8101
PerpetuaAbraxas2 y 9101
White Phoenix of the CrownSpectre Oversoul2 y 9001
Team Death Of The EndlessPralaya & Perpetua2 y 9301
LogosMulti-Death2 y 6101
Rune King ThorTeam Zatanna2 y 15301