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Which team will take the W!?!
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Who wins?
One handed - soul edge
Two handed - BFG-9000
Clothing item - the crown that controls the golden army (hell boy 2)
Suit - berserk armor
Vehicle - the black pearl
One handed - elder wand
Two handed - blade of Olympus
Clothing item - doctor doom armor
Suit - golden fleece
Vehicle - jormungand the world serpent
One handed - mjolnir
Two handed - the saint of killers guns
Clothing item - crimson jem of cyttorak
Suit - the all black symbiote
Vehicle - eclipse class star destroyer
Voted: Time Trapper

Who wins?!?
Voted: Superman

Ain't no big snake killing superman.
Voted: Boba Fett

Most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy would bring electro down. What u guys think
Voted: Bugs Bunny

Bugs would crush the mad titan no problem.
Voted: Superman (DCEU)

Once the man of steel gets pissed off and stops pulling his punches this fight is over.

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