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Battles created by kawhigoat

Team 1 Team 2
Scarlet Witch (True Darkhold)Scarlet Witch (Life Force)15 d 9001
Cosmic Armor SupermanPennywise (True Form)24 d 8001
Scarlet Witch (True Darkhold)Phoenix Force28 d 14001
Scarlet Witch (Life Force)Galactus (Earth-9997)15 d 1000
Ghost RiderAgamotto16 d 5000
The One-Above-AllElaine Belloc (Dunamis Demiurgos)1 mo 6000
PennywiseDormammu (MCU)22 d 4000
WatcherDark Phoenix22 d 2000
Team Gabriel HornblowerTeam Raphael29 d 3000
Elaine Belloc (Dunamis Demiurgos)The Fulcrum1 mo 1000
Mr. Fantastic (Earth 838) (MCU)Scarlet Witch (MCU)11 d 6000
Vecna (Stranger Things)Ghost Rider13 d 2000
Gabriel HornblowerWhite Phoenix of the Crown16 d 1000
Lucifer MorningstarThe Presence (Arrowverse)28 d 3000
Molecule ManPennywise (True Form)18 d 5000
SpongebobLucifer Morningstar13 d 3000
Yog-SothothMaria Ushiromiya29 d 5000
BasanosLucifer Morningstar29 d 2000
Mordru & Phantom StrangerDormammu1 d 2000
Scarlet Witch (MCU)Vergil (DMC)16 d 2000