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Dr ManhattanJonathan Osterman48
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HulkBruce Banner16
IcemanBobby Drake10
Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard6
Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzz21
MorphKevin Sydney-
Multiple ManJames Arthur6
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Penance IIRobert Baldwin-
Professor XCharles Francis Xavier11
PunisherFrank Castle6
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Nothing against Carol but come on this isn't even worth a vote.
Yea, Tony's got the science smart over Bruce, but Bruce has the tactical smarts over Tony. Bruce seems to have a larger variety of toys, but the Ironman suits are the best. I think another interesting question is which one is a more dysfunctional guy, both those guys have some serious baggage.
Voted: Thing

Good one.
Civil War: Spiderman
127 days ago
Hulk vs Aquaman
Voted: Hulk

Aquaman is often underestimated, but the Hulk takes this one.
I forgot that part until I read the quote. That was a great line.
The classic! And, I think, the best.
The only thing people love more than a hero is to see a hero fall. ~Green Goblin (I may not have gotten the wording exact, but it is amazing how true it is)
@ManofPower- I would take Spidey 3 over Amazing 2. Amazing 2 was the absolute worst. Spidey 3 was so disappointing for me because I thought 1 and 2 were the best.
Voted: Galactus

Without the IG Thanos gets stomped.

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