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271 days ago
Superman vs Thor
Voted: Thor

Thor would win 8/10 times, yes superman has speed but don't forget Thor has fought many people who where faster than than him and won, plus Mjornir is faster than light speed which would be a massive boost on Thor winning, and then again Thor has magic which is one of superman's main weakness, then gold blast would just be able to finish him, I like both characters but Thor would Just obliterate him
Voted: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)

Is it?
Voted: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)

He beat the strongest characters in the marvel universe such as the living tribunal, only one above all in all marvel could be the one to beat him as he is the creator and is truly omnipotent, is that enough?
Voted: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)

One, of course I just didn't want to go into depths, and two I must chose by mistake, thanos would win with ease, even the living tribunal wouldn't be a match
Voted: White Phoenix Of The Crown

Phoenix saved all of the omniverse, which would of included the Living Tribunal, not just that she's a life force and starts and ends life, She has access to the White Hot Room? The ability to burn away entire timelines of the multiverse and recreate them, the robot wouldn't be even to touch her, the white Phoenix would win with ease.
Voted: Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)

Yes of course, it is the strongest version of thanos, making him a multiversal threat, why?

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