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John Constantine

John Constantine

DC's Futures End

John Constantine's History

John Constantine was a member of the Justice League Dark.

Before Futures End

John has stolen the helmet of Nabu. The helmet threatened him, But John knew that without a host, It's nothing. But the Helm tempted him to go to the past and rescue his friends. John accepted the deal. But the Helm was lying. But the helm found out that John had been seeking magic to counter the control over him.

John challenged the Helm to a challenge. The challenge was to prove it cared about something other than itself. If it did, John would let it go free. If it failed, John would absorb the power. John summoned The Previous Doctor Fate to testify against Nabu. In the end, Nabu was consumed by Anubis.

5 years from now

John has answered a call to Kansas. He finds out that Kansas is now a slaughter field. John's Girlfriend warns him about a threat. He brushed it off and laughed. But his girlfriend proved that this was an angel's doing. John decided that they should find the angel.

John lit a cigarette, Only to have it stopped by blood. That blood was revealed to be, Kal-El's blood. John tried to convince Kal to help fight the evil, But Clark just advised him to go to The New Superman. John told Clark that Brainiac is looking for him. Clark still won't listen, So John slapped him and taunted him by saying that they both turned their backs to the world.

When John was about to die, Clark came and saved him. They agreed that they should stay together. When Brainiac attacked John and Clark, John revealed the Brainiac that Kal has always fought, was only a bit of the full Brainiac.

Clark and John went walking in the snowy woods. A bear said that it admired Clark's father. John and Clark found out that the bear's about to blow up. a construct of John found it's way back to Justice League Dark and is attacked By Amethyst.

John and Clark fought over if Clark showed by a superhero. When John's girlfriend died, he told Clark to leave and be one.