Battles created by jeangrey

Team 1 Team 2
Team Lucifer MorningstarTeam The One Below All1 mo 8201
Chaos King & Multi-OblivionPralaya (True Form)2 mo 8001
BeyonderPralaya (True Form)4 mo 9001
Pralaya (True Form) & White Phoenix of the CrownNyx (House Of Ideas) & Perpetua4 mo 8201
GarfieldTeam The One-Above-All5 mo 5200
Multi-InfinityWhite Phoenix of the Crown5 mo 4000
Phoenix ForceMulti-Eternity (7th Cosmos)3 mo 1000
GarfieldTeam The One-Above-All5 mo 4200
Team White Phoenix of the CrownTeam Pralaya5 mo 3000
God Emperor DoomThanos (Cosmic Cube) (Earth-1610)4 mo 3000
The Darkest Knight (Dark Multiverse)Molecule Man (Power Of Beyonders)25 d 6000
Maria UshiromiyaScarlet Witch (Earth-58163)2 mo 2000
Pralaya (True Form)Team Beyonder4 mo 4000
Pralaya (True Form)Molecule Man4 mo 5000
Team PralayaTeam Oblivion5 mo 4100
God Emperor DoomPhoenix Force3 mo 5000
HecateScarlet Witch (Earth-58163)1 mo 3000
Arishem The JudgeDark Phoenix3 mo 1000