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IS NOT's History

IS NOT, alongside its counterpart IS, are the two ultimate beings of the Kaktusverse. They represent two universal truths, all that IS and all that IS NOT. There originally only were the two siblings, before IS woke up from its slumber and transformed its dream into reality.

While IS created reality and gave it shape with its Paragons, IS NOT kept sleeping and created only two Paragons. Va the Paragon of Decay caused decay in all things, weakening and eroding them. Bramimond the Paragon of Death, in turn, would take entities destroyed by Va and take them from the reality of IS to the dream of IS NOT. Both of them took on the job of destroying everything Edos, the Paragon of Time, passed by and giving it back to IS NOT, until one day everything is reunited in the dream of IS NOT.

Only Edos, Runheia and IS NOT's Paragons remained after creation was done. The original gods, IS NOT included, now mostly forgotten by the world.