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Goku I'd just like to say, goku is more durable than you think. Superman can go inside a sun and won't be damaged yes but, once upon a time goku was struck by a Lightning Attack by master roshi. Lightning is hotter than the SUN AT 53,000 degrees Fahrenheit vs the suns measly 10,000. AS A CHILD. Now what kind of beating does goku take regularly? Well let's be real, the fights easily take it up to if not as fast as the speed of light. If someone were to punch someone at idk 670,000,000 mph (speed of light rounded down) with the average arm size of about 12 lbs. the force of one punch equals 8,000,000,000 lbs of force exerted into his face multiple times a day. I'm sure Superman can take it as well as goku can but let's be real here. Goku is more experienced. Superman is not more durable than goku. Superman is stronger and faster than goku. Goku is more experienced and has martial arts training on top of ssgss kioken x20 which amplifies his powers by Freakin 20 and ON TOP OF THAT HAS ULTRA INSTINCT WHICH DODGES FOR HIM. Of course ultra instinct won't always come out but I believe he is fast enough and experienced enough to keep up with and beat Superman.