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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ikaris's History

Ikaris was the former tactical leader and most powerful member of the community of genetically-engineered Eternals. Created by the Celestials in the World Forge, Ikaris was sent to Earth in 5,000 BC to progress the planet's societal development, and protect it from the Deviants. Ikaris guided in the planet's development, learning early on of his true purpose to help initiate the planet's Emergence for the birth of Tiamut, believing Earth to be a necessary sacrifice for more life to be created in new galaxies.

In 2023, heralded of Earth's Emergence due to the Blip, Ikaris was forced to betray and murder the Prime Eternal Ajak when she began opposing Arishem's plan, being inspired by the heroics of the Avengers. Ikaris helped reassembling the other Eternals in preparation for the Emergence, but was singled out when they learned of their true purpose and opposed Arishem's plan as well. When the revelation of Ajak's death came to light and the team became divided whether or not to protect humanity, Ikaris betrayed his friends. He was outmatched by his former allies, who were able to kill Tiamut and effectively avert the Emergence. Guilt-ridden over his actions and having failed to live up to his life's purpose, Ikaris committed suicide by flying headfirst into the Sun.