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Idea for a flash game.

Created by skywalkervader, 1 y 1 mo 15 d ago.

The flash is so fast, almost no one thinks a game can be made around him, but if that were true, then sonic frontiers shouldn't be possible, what are your thoughts?


felias 1 mo 3 d
Idea for a flash game.
1 months member
I think that game is very attractive. Even though it's fast, that's probably an interesting point and attracts players
@getaway shootout
ultron 10 mo 26 d
Idea for a flash game.
66 months member
i think a flash game would be so cool it should be a game where in the beginnning u fight regular enemies and u can go super fast sloing down time making u able to defeat them easily but further into the game faster foes ould appear
Tyrannus 1 y 1 mo 9 d
Idea for a flash game.
56 months member
Sonic's a bit different. He doesn't run as fast as Flash does and Sonic's gameplay mechanics wouldn't make sense for Flash (e.g. touching enemies makes you lose rings, air dashing etc).