Akudama Drive

Hoodlum's powers and abilities

Theft and blackmailing: According to the Execution Division Apprentice's console, the Hoodlum is a criminal imprisoned for theft and blackmail. He was however found out.

In the manga, the Hoodlum's introduction shows him running away after pickpocketing, only to run into police robots to whom he quickly surrenders, unable to fight them off.

Fighting: The Hoodlum has few fighting skills. In the manga, his introduction shows that he carries around a retractable knife, which he opens with ease but is unfortunately no match for police robots. He later takes a hold of one of the Execution Division's energy swords, with which he attacks the Apprentice, injuring her eye.

The Hoodlum usually hides from fights, and notably attempts to befriend whoever he believes to be the strongest fighter around him in order to get them to assure his protection. Upon forming a friendship with the Brawler, however, he finds enough courage within himself to participate by throwing an object on his opponent.

Under the Doctor's wing, he later learns how to use a scalpel to kill by cutting one's throat. He puts his newfound skill to use by efficiently killing her.

Tracking: The Hoodlum carries a tracking device with him. He can implant the device on a variety of objects and people, allowing him to keep track of their exact location. He implements the tracking device on the Brother and accesses the information through his cell phone.



Intelligence120 IQ
Strength100 kg • 220 lb
Speed10 m/s

Super Powers

Enhanced ThieveryMaster Martial ArtistRadar SenseWeapons Master