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Doris Zuel

Prime DC Comics Universe

Giganta's powers and abilities

Giganta can grow from human size to hundreds of feet tall in a matter of seconds. Her strength and durability increase to superhuman levels as she increases in size, as well. Initially, Dr. Zuel lost her intellect as she grew in size, becoming more brutish and violent. She has since transcended that limitation, retaining her full intellect at any size.

Giganta's powers appear to be mystical in nature; Giganta has been shown to be aligned with the forces of magic. The clothing she wears changes size when she does, and also increases her invulnerability during giant-size.



Intelligence170 IQ
Strength100,000+ tons
Speed100 m/s

Super Powers

DurabilityIntelligenceSize ChangingSuper StrengthLarge SizeSonic Scream