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Shirou Yusa

Shinza Banshou

Georgius's History

Shirou Yusa (?佐司?, Yusa Shirou), later called by the Demon Name Georgius, is one of the main characters in Dies Irae. He is Ren's best friend since their childhood.

Shirou was born on March 3rd 1990 as Naraka's sensory as well as Ren's Apoptosis, given life by Ren's desire to die. He grew up as Ren and Kasumi's neighbor but never interacted much with either of them.

One day, in 1995 (back Shirou was only 6 years old), Shirou murdered Mr. Ayase (subconsciously acting upon Ren's hatred of him), with Ren helping in covering the crime up. Though Mr. Ayase died from being stabbed in the neck, courtesy of Shirou, they managed to hide the corpse for a time and, after that, mask his death as a complete accident, making it seems as if he had fallen upon one of the blades he kept at home. Being children, of course, no one would think they were murderers. Furthermore, the discovery of a torture room in the man's basement further cemented him as not being a completely innocent man. Kasumi and her mother remained, of course, unaware of Ren and Shirou's involvement.

Ren, Kasumi and Shirou moved together to Suwahara City two years prior to the start of the main story. Kasumi's mother only allowed it on the consition they they loved near each other, as a result, the three lived in the same apartment block, Ren's apartment being in between Shirou and Kasumi's. Shirou didn't waste a second a broke a hole in the wall between his and Ren's apartment using a hammer, so he could access it quickly.

One year before the start of the series, Shirou suffered a major motorcycle accident. Not only did he miraculously survive and heal, but the accident warped his senses, eliminating his senses of taste, smell and pain.

In 2006, two months before the story begins, Ren and Shirou have a brutal fistfight in Tsukinosawa High's rooftop. Shirou, stating that he is tired of their boring, daily life, and wants to play with all variables available to him, plans to tell Kasumi about the truth of her father's murder. Ren, unwilling to let his best friend ruin his daily life, begins with the fight. In the aftermath, they are found lying in the rooftop by their upperclassman, Rea Himuro, whom the group had struck a solid friendship with since they arrived in Suwahara City, who calls an ambulance to take them both to the hospital. While in the hospital, Shirou meets the director's granddaughter Eri Honjou, who later helps him break out of the hospital.

Afterwords, the two quickly take over a nightclub in town known as The Bottomless Pit.

Kajiri Kamui Kagura

While Shirou does not directly appear in the game, his and Eli's reincarnation, Tenma Sukuna , is a member of the Yatsukahagi.