The Crossover We Need in A4 (1)

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Characters Loki, Scarlet Witch
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If Thanos had actually killed Loki, his skin would have reverted to its original blue color. Also, Loki knows Thanos and the gems. He didn't think that tiny dagger would have killed him. Loki used a clone or something. He's not dead.
He did, but he faked his death TWICE already and managed to trick Odin, Thor and the whole Asgard, he can trick Thanos too
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I dunno, Thor seemed really upset when he "did the bad", and Thor seemed to know that Loki wasn't faking it this time.
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Thanks @LordTracer 😉
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Thor just saw his brother "die" in front of him. He's not going to be looking for the obvious detail that if Loki had actually died, his skin would have gone back to its natural blue color.