Why people are hating on Captain Marvel movie ? I think it was awesome movie.

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I haven't seen many people 'hate' on it per say, but I think there is criticism in places where it is deserved personally. I see a lot of criticism on Carol as a character and I agree that she is just kinda boring and nothing that really made her different, or fun. I believe she is very powerful and cool to watch whenever she's being a hero but it's no tlike Black Panther where we really cared about T'Challa and even Kilmonger. You know? There is just criticism on Brie Larson unfortunately, and some story problems that certain people don't like.
I dont know, in fact, I love this movie, I saw it on cinema thrice time with my family and friend. I especially bought tickets for this movie from https://www.reecoupons.com/view/florida-ticket-station, now waiting for avengers end game.
It fought it was great
*thought* stupid auto correct
I still haven't watched it yet but I don't got high expectations
@EmptyHand: I think it is cool movie. Misterious one and effects were great + Nick Fury and Goose the Cat were fantastic 😀
Wonder Woman got 831 billion not even close
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Captain Marvel got $1 billion so far.
@crimsonassassin there is no way Wonder Woman made 831 billion I think you mean million.
yeah 831 million it was the highest grossing super heroine story
Captain Marvel has made over a billion so far while Wonder Woman hasn't even made 900 million.
Yeah no you mean 831 million lol, not billion, that would be the highest grossing movie ever. Also technically Star Wars The Force Awakens is counted as a super heroine movie so that is the highest grossing super heroine movie.
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Because people like to be haters... But it don't matter cause my girl made $760 million worldwide over two weekends. Sooo💯
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People realized it's not trash, as they thought it would be, so they're salty now. Basically.
Beacuse it's trying to do what Wonder Woman did and marvel failed at it

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