Who out of everyone on this website should be a moderator

Starter: ManofPower

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You can only pick Three people and it cannot be yourself


3+ years member.
Anyone who has been an active user for at least 2 years or people like @Soulcollector57
3+ years member.
Thank You @SirSpidey, I meet both of those qualifications and I appreciate the it a whole lot.
2+ years member.
@TheAngrianLion should be a mod, @TheNemianLion is too nice! People like the rough side! The angry one! >😁
3+ years member.
We already have that, lol
1+ years member.
For the two others I dont know
1+ years member.
oh thanks but all other accs are banned only im over
1+ years member.
Don't think he was being 100% serious
1+ years member.
i know i was just joking
1+ years member.
I was clear in my last sentence, wasn't I ?
@Swarm wanna debate on something?
1+ years member.
I feel like @Galactus should be, I mean he has been on the site the longest and has always shown great behavior.
But @Galactus is already a Admin
1+ years member.
@Swarm, @SidebarTwist, @Batsheet, and @ManofPower
1+ years member.
Thanks Bats, <3
1+ years member.
You guys deserve it
1+ years member.
Thanks man I appreciate that. You would make a good mod too.
did you two meet @Infinite Destruction yet ?
1+ years member.
Yes, he seems to know his comics and is really nice, the best of both worlds.
Oh yeah I forgot you did @SideBar
what about you @Batsy42 😂
1+ years member.
I've seen some of his comments, he seems nice and level headed when it comes to battles
You should have been on here last night me , @Infinite ,, @Hawkinz and @Swarm were debating on our favorite characters
Flash and Darkhawk vs Spider-Man and Deathstroke
He literally Beat me in every debate we got in
He's said he got lucky
But y'all know me I haven't got one win under my belt
1+ years member.
@Swarm and @SidebarTwist
@Swarm @IMABATMAN42 and @Hawkinz
1+ years member.
Thanks MoP ☺️
On and everyone please don't call me @Mop
I thought it would sound cool but it doesn't
1+ years member.
Ok I'll make sure not to do it MoP.
Just to let you know that was a joke
1+ years member.
Ok so we can call you MoP?
Nah y'all can call me @Doom from my other profile
1+ years member.
@Sidebar is good 😀

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