Who are the legends of this site?

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New Legends
SoulCollector57 , SirSpidey , TheNemianLion , DarkProdigy , LordTracer , ManofPower (Me) , Andresver (For the wrong reasons) , AkhilPDX , Galactus
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Geez, I've been gone for ONE week to conquer my mind, body, and soul and kids are already trying to claim the mantle of the throne. We all know who the true King is and boy, do I have to say, the King is f****** back! So all you wanna-bes step aside and make way for your almighty master
Lol, look at him. This is why you're a meme.
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No matter. You are still too afraid to debate me officially
@Sora I think I'm more of a meme than Lord Spidey is XD. Just joking Spidey you are one of the coolest people on this site. I really hope me and you can actually be friends instead of having this "tension" between us
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Then debate me officially
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Dog, I am THE legend of this site, old era and Modern era, I'm relevant in BOTH! Because my career is eternal, everyone from the old era is past there prime, OTHER THAN ME! Face facts here! I'm the Emperor of SHDB!
(I can hype myself up! Holy shit! 😲😉
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plaid coolflyer how is it going watched hunted
Old School
SirSpidey,Silver Stream , HHeep,Galactus,Spectre94,Remy94,Soul,And Wolfdragn
New School
I Guess I am , Soul,Imabatman,Hawkinz,NNem ian,Darkprodigy,Lord Traced , Galactus , Swarm
Honorable Mentions
Sidebar , Danco (for reasons) , heep, Soratoumiga and Infinitedestruction and Batsheet
Appreciate it MoP Man.
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So dope I made both lists. Thank you.
The picture of Thing smoking a cigar otherwise known as Spectre94, was the one I forgot about.
Heep is so smooth he's old school and an honorable mention
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I've been here for 1 year and 6 months, I'm pretty old school, I've been here longer than Heep and FAR longer than SilverStream, also 3 times as long.
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I'm way more old school than Silver Stream. I came out way before she did.
@Windshadow you are a very good user and I see a mod status in your future but as of now your not classified as "Legend" but I forgot to add you into Honorable Mentions 😂
Forgot about Plaid as well
@ezi o is also old school
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@Plaid the reason you weren't added is because you are in a league of you very own above everyone else. you have done more for this site than most of us combined (over 400 added characters) and deserve God status. (It might sound like I'm joking but I am very serious)
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correction, 500+ characters added.
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Thanks man 😁
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Wow, thanks @Soulcollecter57.
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Your welcome, I would have added you to my list but your name slipped my mind while making it.
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Well old school legends are probably, SirSpidey, Make Mine Marvel, Wolfdragon 123, TheGodofThunder (original not 64), Remy, Galactus (obviously), and Myself there is probably one or two I'm missing, but I can't think of them.
Current Legends- MOP, Nemian, Swarm, Dark Prodigy, Sora, Heep (For the wrong reasons), Jogensten (Think I spelled it wrong, he is on here also for the wrong reasons but he has completely change and become a respectable person) and IMABATMAN42.
Honorable mentions are- Yourself, Hawkinz, creature, and a select few others I can't think of right now.
nice to know that @Soulcollector57 himself as mention me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your welcome (Is that a bit of sarcasm I hear? Just kidding).
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I forgot to add LordTracer, my list is based solely off who has done the most for this site, who is the most active (both recently and in the past), and if most people know who that person is.
Appreciate it man.
😢 Thanks for the honorable mention @Soul
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You are welcome @Swarm and @Prodigy, and @Hawkinz you are welcome also, but honorable mentions means you are so very close to making it, you'll be here very soon, I promise, even though you are a FFB.
Spoken like a brainwashed Spoon fan. Other then that thanks for the love brother.
Everyone is a legend in my book for making this possibly the greatest community of any website ever. Every user is cool and you don't see the toxc bullshit that often plagues most sites.
Who are the legends of this site? You can include old and current users. Can include ComicVine,Reddit etc. people too. Basically people who you think are legends of comic sites.

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