What Superhero would you be?

Created by BlotskyA, 3 y 9 mo 30 d ago.

If we were all Superheroes, Tell us what would be your name, your abilites, etc


Michealdem17 3 y 7 mo 18 d
What Superhero would you be?
47 months member
Someone with powers of chaos king or sentry merged with void
DivineBeast 3 y 7 mo 18 d
What Superhero would you be?
44 months member
The powers of Dracula (Castelvainia) or Alucard (Hellsing)
HeroicSacrifice123 3 y 9 mo 26 d
What Superhero would you be?
51 months member
Probably Spider-man it was power levels. Spider sense is a really cool power and I'd be really strong and really agile. If I had go-level strength it would realistically be nearly impossible to interact with people without breaking everything. But it might come with Parker Luck. I'd actually be Venom. He's not evil anymore, and even when he was a villain, he wouldn't harm innocents. Eddie had his own will. So I wouldn't go insane, and I'd have basically all of Spider-man's powers and more, and my symbiote could mimic any kind of clothing, and I could basically turn my strength on and off.